Pregnancy Birth — Beginnings in Everyday life.

Pregnancy birth is the start of a new life in the mother’s womb. It is a gorgeous experience, which every woman wants to experience. Pregnancy is a wonderful phase in every woman’s life. Each moment during this particular period is cherished. The very first sonogram, when she can see the baby’s heart beating or the first time the baby kicks her mom, are unique. The amount of happiness a mother encounters while holding her baby in her arms, cannot be measured on any scale.

Inside The Womb

The womb functions as the home of the baby till he is delivered. The total period of pregnancy, right from conception till delivery, is nine weeks and a week, even though it may differ from pregnancy to pregnancy. The baby, till pregnancy delivery, undergoes various stages within the mother’s womb, during this period. From being only a mobile, it turns into an embryo and then a baby. Various organs and body portions of the baby grow at different stages in pregnancy. During the whole pregnancy, till pregnancy birth, baby feeds through the umbilical cord, which can be connected through the baby’s gut to the placenta. It’s rich in minerals crucial to the baby’s growth and development.

There are three major phases of pregnancy. The entire pregnancy has been divided into three components of three weeks each. These are known as three trimesters علاج الحرقان للحامل The first trimester is the most vital period of pregnancy. The woman feels symptoms such as morning sickness, weight loss etc., during this period. This is because her body is adjusting to the huge changes occurring inside her. The next noun begins at the conclusion of their first three months. Routine visits to the obstetrician and recommended tests or sonograms are essential during this period. The third trimester continues till the Pregnancy birth occurs.

At the time of this delivery nears, the woman should be watchful and search for important symptoms of labor. Her physician makes reservation for her in a hospital or nursing home for the pregnancy birth. It should include loose robes, slippers, physician’s file with record of pregnancy, reports of investigations which have been carried out, some clothes for the new-born etc.. After the woman feels periodic contractions of uterus, she is able to judge that labor has started and it’s time to be admitted at the hospital. The contractions occur after a predetermined interval and the period becomes shorter, as the labor becomes more intense.

Occasionally labor pains do not happen naturally. In these conditions, labor pains occur with forced labor. In certain cases, there are a few additional complications like a breech baby, big baby, reduced movements of the baby etc.. In such circumstances, a slit is made in the abdomen through the uterus and the baby is delivered. This surgical procedure of pregnancy delivery is referred to as C-section or caesarean birth. Therefore, pregnancy birth differs mostly from one woman to another, depending on her physical health and medical condition.

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