The actual Miracle of preference

There are too most of us who let life dictate about what path we should ultimately travel. The miracle of choice is just that; we are the sole living creature on this earth that will go for ourselves about what choice we make and what will be determined by it. Unlike other living forms, we are not ruled by instinct and have your head to do otherwise. The beauty of this is the choices in life can be changed anytime to suit our needs and change our situation.

It takes only a second to produce that decision to alter by deciding to do so. The miracle of choice is not in your decision to take action, but by what impact it might have in your life. But by not making the option in the very first place, nothing will change or happen a course in miracles unity online radio. The sad thing is though, we are able to be influenced by the numerous people around us to just get on with life, do when you are told and do not think too much.

It is just a sad indictment of life that people are not encouraged to take responsibility for our own choices in life and in so doing, becoming very much aware of what’s possible. We be seemingly controlled from every angle. In the institution system, at your workplace, from your government; our future is being determined by outside forces to do otherwise. It is a laugh that in a civilised western world, we are being told how exactly we live in a democratic society. You do not even control the money you’ve at the local bank.

George Bernard Shaw once stated that by thinking and using his mind once or twice weekly, he became very wealthy and successful. And that is what we must do, by making the miracle of choice and deciding for ourselves that people are going to lead to our own choices in life and not being like sheep and following crowd.

An excellent little bit of advice that has always stuck with me is, Observe what the masses are doing and do the opposite. We will will have influences in life, good and bad. The main thing to do is take the good influences, put your personal ideas in to the mix and create a life that is not just abundant, but worthwhile. Your choices are ours to produce and remember, it takes only a second.

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